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Hewlett-Packard 9000 / 200-300 Series Product List
We also have an extensive inventory of hard to find parts, boards, and cables. If you do not see what you are looking for please call 831-429-6144 or e-mail montbaypaul@gmail.com, chances are good that we have it. Also, please note that all equipment carries a warranty and if eligible, is guaranteed to qualify for Hewlett-Packard maintenance.

382, 380 Computer 9122C/D Dual Floppy Drive
362, 360 Computer 9133D/H/L Floppy / Disc Drive
375, 370 Computer 9153A/B/C Floppy / Disc Drive
350, 330 Computer 9144A ¼" Cartridge Tape Drive
345, 340 Computer 7957/58/59B HP-IB Disc Drive
332, R/332 Computer C2212A 332 MB SCSI Drive
320,310 Computer C2213A 664 MB SCSI Drive
319,318 Computer C2291A 664 MB Disc Drive Upgrade
    C2292A 1.3 GB DAT Drive Upgrade
 C2294A 650MB Optical DiscDrive
9836A/C Computer C1511A 1.3 GB HP-IB DAT Drive
9826A Computer C1512A 1.3 GB SCSI DAT Drive
9816A/S Computer C1707A HP-IB CD-ROM Drive
9920A/U Computer    
 98622A GP-IO I/F
85A/B Computer 98623A BCD I/F
86A/B Computer 98626A RS-232 Serial I/F
87XM Computer 98627A RGB Video Color I/F
    98628A Datacomm I/F
 98638A 8-Port Multiplexer
35731A 12" Monochrome 98642A 4-Port Multiplexer
35741A 12" Color 98643A LAN/300 Link I/F
98751A 19" Color 98646A VME BUS I/F
98752A 19" Color 98658A SCSI I/F
98754A 19" Color Memory Upgrades
98774A 19" Monochrome  
98785A 16" Color
98786A 17" Monochrome 46060A/B 2/3 Button Mouse
98788A 19" Monochrome 46084A ID Module
98789A 16" Color 46085A 9-Button Dial Box
A1497A 16" Color 46086A 32-Button Box
A2287A 17" Color 46087A/B/C "A" Size Digitizer
    46088A/B/C "B" Size Digitizer
    46090A/B/C "A" Size Digitizer w/ Cursor
    Localization Kits

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