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Hewlett-Packard 9000 / 400 Series Product List
We also have an extensive inventory of hard to find parts, boards, and cables. If you do not see what you are looking for please call 831-429-6144 or e-mail sales@montbay.com, chances are good that we have it. Also, please note that all equipment carries a warranty and if eligible, is guaranteed to qualify for Hewlett-Packard maintenance.
400 SERIES (Domain and Unix)
400/425t Computer A1440A 210 MB Disc Drive
400/425s Computer A1443A 660 MB Disc Drive
433s Computer A1447A 1.3 GB Dat Drive
425e Computer A1448A 600 MB CD-ROM Drive
    A1449A 60 MB QIC Drive
A2071A 210 MB Disc Drive
98789A 16" Color  A2072A 420 MB Disc Drive
98754A 19" Color A2073A 3.5" Floppy Drive
98774A/B 19" Monochrome A2075A 420 MB Disc Drive
A1097A/C 19" CRX Color A2076A 1.3 GB Disc Drive
98229B 8 MB RAM
98229D 16 MB RAM C2212A 332 MB SCSI Disc Drive
98229E 32 MB RAM C2213A 664 MB SCSI Disc Drive
A2201A 8 MB RAM C2216T 670 MB Tower Drive
A2202A 16 MB RAM C2217T 1.3 GB Tower Drive
    C2291A 664 MB Disc Drive 
C2292A 1.3 GB DAT Drive 
2225A/C/D Thinkjet C2294A 650 MB Optical Disc 
2235A-D Ruggedwriter C2295A/B 1.3 GB Disc Drive 
2932/34A Impact Printer C2297T 2 GB DAT Drive Upgrade
7440A Color Pro Plotter C1512A 1.3 GB SCSI DAT Drive
7470A 2-Pen Graphics Plotter C1520B 2 GB SCSI DAT Drive
7475A 6-Pen Graphics Plotter C1707A 600 MB HP-IB CD-ROM
7550A/B 8-Pen Auto-feed Plotter A1999A 600 MB SCSI CD-ROM
757X Draftpro Plotter    
758X Drafting Plotter
759X Draftmaster  46060A/B 2/3 Button Mouse
C16XX Electrostatic Plotter 46084A ID Module
    46085A 9-Button Dial Box
46086A 32-Button Box
A2176A Apollo Token Ring 46087A/B/C "A" Size Digitizer
A1098A Domain Localization 46088A/B/C "B" Size Digitizer
EISA/ISA Card Cage 46090A/B/C "A" Size Digitizer/Puck
EISA/ISA Slot Localization Kits

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