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Hewlett-Packard 9000 / 800 Series Product List.

We also have an extensive inventory of hard to find parts, boards, and cables. If you do not see what you are looking for please call 831-429-6144 or e-mail sales@montbay.com, chances are good that we have it. Also, please note that all equipment carries a warranty and if eligible, is guaranteed to qualify for Hewlett-Packard maintenance.
K100/200/210/220/250 /260 Server A2589A 768MB ECC Memory Module
K410/420/450/460/570 Server A2588A 512MB ECC Memory Module
D200/210/250/260/270 Server A2234A 256MB ECC Memory Module
D310/350/360/370 Server A3564A 256MB Memory Module
E25/35/45/55 Server A3483A 256MB Memory Module
F10/20/30 Server A3408A 128MB Memory Module
G30/40/50/60/70 Server A3131A 128MB Memory Module
H30/40/50/60/70 Server A3408A 128MB Memory Module
I30/40/50/60/70 Server A3027A 128MB Memory Module
T500/T520/T600 Server A2516A 128MB Memory Module
8X5 / 8X7 Server A2948A 64MB Memory Module
         A2511A 64MB Memory Module
  A3407A 32MB Memory Module
A2232A 32MB Memory Module
A4107A Fast/Wide Interface A3026A 32MB Memory Module
28615A HP-FL Interface A3309A 32MB Memory Module
28650B  HP-IB Interface A2946A 16MB Memory Module
28655A S-E SCSI Interface      A2231A 16MB Memory Module
28696A F/W SCSI Interface  
A2441A Lan/Personality Card    
A2442A 8 Port Mux Card  
A2969A F/W SCSI Interface
J2092A 16-Port Mux A3647A 4.3GB F/W Disc Drive 
J2096A 32-Port Mux A3319A 4.3GB SE Disc Drive 
J2146A 802.3 Thinlan I/F A3320A 4.3GB F/W Disc Drive 
J2166A Token Ring A3352A 4GB Disc Drive (Lo-Profile)
  A3087A 2GB Disc Drive (H-H)
A3353A 2GB SE Disc Drive(Lo-Pro)
A3312A Rack Enclosure A3351A 2GB Fast-Wide Disc Drive
C525_R/T Rack /Tower Drive A2446A 2GB Disc Drive (F-H)
C526_R/T Rack /Tower Drive A3305A 1GB Fast-Wide Disc Drive
C246_R S-E Disc Drive (Rack) A2445A 1GB Disc Drive (H-H)
C302_R/T S-E Disc Drive (Rack/Tower) A2444A 525MB Disc (Half-Height)
C304_R/T S-E Disc Drive (Rack/Tower) A3416A 4X CD-Rom Drive
C355__R F/W Disc Drive (Rack) A3184A 2X CD-Rom Drive
C1520B 2GB Dat Drive A3183A 4-8GB Dat Drive
C1521B  2-8GB DAT Drive C2478SZ 2-8GB Dat Drive
C2943A CD-Rom Drive C2477SZ 2GB Dat Drive
7980S 6250 BPI SCSI Tape Drive A2942A 3 ½" Floppy Drive
C1701A/C 650MB Optical Drive A2944A 1GB QIC Drive
C2983A/D Standalone DDS-2 DAT     
Hot Swap and RAID Drives    

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