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Monterey Bay Communications: HP 1000 Beacon Newsletter

A Resource for Real Time Users


Volume 5

2K Doomsday for RTE-A Users - Fact or Fiction? HP Support Until 2010!
Many HP 1000 Users have concerns, or may have heard from other sources that their systems are "not Y2K compliant." As the song says "It ainít necessarily so!"

First of all, letís define the problem. The Year 2000 issue is a time-related problem. In the HP 1000 Series, time is managed in the RTE Operating System software. Therefore, absolutely no peripheral hardware components are impacted by the Y2K issue. The critical Y2K issue then is software.

RTE software/Y2K conflicts are a major concern for many HP 1000 Users. Hewlett Packard has made a formal declaration that only RTE-A Revision 6.2 (or later) is Y2K compliant, but this does not fully inform Users about all aspect of the situation.

As HP itself has stated, the HP 1000 Series has no inherent problem with the Year 2000. In fact, the RTE clock runs until the year 2037. Numerous time-related "bugs" were corrected in (earlier) RTE revisions as they were discovered. So why is it that only the latest software revision has been deemed "Y2K compliant," and so many hardware products have been declared

First and foremost, it is not cost-effective for HP (or OEM/VARs) to invest the manpower and resources required to certify whether or not older revisions of software and hardware are Y2K compliant, since they no longer offer them for sale.

In addition, encouraging as many Users as possible to upgrade to the latest software release or to purchase


a more currently marketed product is good for business (generates new revenue).

Finally, all suppliers of computer-related hardware and software products are keenly aware of potential liability issues relating to Y2K problems. HPís official certification and support of only the latest revision software limits their exposure to this.

Unfortunately, many RTE Users have considerable time and effort invested in customization of older revision RTE software, and are concerned that upgrading now to a later version may be very difficult, or even impossible.

The only way for Users to confirm if they have potential Y2K issues is to evaluate the systems themselves or consult with a RTE software specialist. Many Users who have completed this analysis are pleasantly surprised to find just a few easily-fixed problems, or none at all!

If a Y2K problem is confirmed to exist, there are several options: modify your current software, upgrade to revision 6.2, or migrate to another platform. Oftentimes fixing the existing system is not as involved or costly as might be imagined. Migrating to another platform is inevitably expensive, complicated, and may well deliver inferior performance and reliability.

MBC can refer competent RTE software consultants to assist HP 1000 Users with whichever strategy they may decide to pursue! n


As the next century approaches, many HP 1000 Users are reviewing options for   hardware and software support. Some Users may have the impression that HP will not be supporting the platform for much longer. In most instances, there is no reason for concern.

Hewlett Packard has made a formal commitment to continue providing hardware and software support for

HP 1000 A-Series Users into the next millenniumóuntil the year 2010. The emphasis will be on supporting latest-revision RTE-A (Rev. 6.2) software and A-Series hardware.

While many older revision CPU components and peripheral products are already off support or may be in the not-too-distant future, all the most popular products will continue to

be eligible for onsite support and/or parts exchange from HP. Most current revision hardware components are still available for purchase from HP. Visit the HP website at http://www.hp.com/esy/related/rte/asereosl.html for more detailed information on these subjects.

Of course there are many Users who may be either unable or unwilling to upgrade their older revision equipment, and want to develop a plan for self-maintenance. These Users can rely on MBC for depot repair, onsite spares, hot swaps, and advance overnight exchanges. Our huge inventory, and more than two decades of experience working with HP 1000 equipment enables us to satisfy virtually any requirement you may have - until the year 2010 and beyond! n