HP E2113B E-Series Computer

HP 2113B

HP 2113B E-Series Computer

Model HP 2113B E-Series Computer

Monterey Bay Communications carries HP 2113B Computers. Hardware supplied:

  • HP 2113B Computer with 14 I/O channels, space for 2.048Mb of parity memory or fault control memory, and loader ROMs for 264x Mini cartridge tape and MAC disc memory

  • Dynamic Mapping firmware ROMs

  • HP 12791A Firmware expansion module (uses one I/O channel)

  • HP 2102B Standard performance memory controller

  • HP 12747A 128kb Memory module

  • HP 12747H 128kb Memory module

  • HP 12892B Memory Protect module

  • HP 12731A Memory Expansion module

For more information regarding HP 2113B E-Series Computers, please email or call Monterey Bay Communications: 831-429-6144

HP 2113B Documents and Manuals
HP 2113B Overview (PDF)
HP 2113B Specifications (PDF)
HP 2113B Environmental Specifications (PDF)
HP 02109-90014 E-Series Operation and Reference Manual
HP 02109-90015 E-Series Installation and Service Manual|
HP 02109-90004 E/F -Series Microprogramming Manual
HP 5955-0282 M/E/F-Series Technical Reference Handbook
HP 12791-90001 12791A Installation and Service Manual
HP 5955-4310 Standard Performance Memory Installation and Service Manual

HP 2113B E-Series Computer
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HP 2113B E-Series Computer