HP 7906S

HP 7906S 20MB Disc Drive

HP 7906S

HP 7906S 20MB Disc Drive *Slave Disc Drive

Monterey Bay Communications
sells and repairs the HP 7906S disc drives. Each of these Hewlett-Packard drives comes with:

  • HP 07905-60024 Up Head

  • HP 07905-60025 Down Head

  • HP 07905-60026 Servo Head

  • HP 07906-60010 Up Head

  • HP 07906-60095 PMR Board

Monterey Bay Communications also carries the following models:

For purchase or repair of HP 7906S 20MB Disc Drive, please email or call Monterey Bay Communications: 831-429-6144

HP 7906S Documents and Manuals
HP 7906S Introduction
HP 07906-90912 Installation Manual
HP 07906-90913 Service Manual
HP 07906-90911 User's Manual