MBC: M/E/F Series Product List
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Hewlett-Packard 1000 / M-E-F Series Product List

  We also have an extensive inventory of hard to find parts, boards, and cables. If you do not see what you are looking for please call 831-429-6144 or e-mail montbaypaul@gmail.com. Chances are good that we have what you need. Also, please note that all equipment carries a warranty and if eligible, is guaranteed to qualify for Hewlett-Packard maintenance.
2100A/S M-Series Computer 7900A  5 MB Disc Drive
2105A  M-Series Computer 7905A  15 MB Disc Drive
2108M  M-Series Computer 7906A 20 MB Disc Drive
2109B/E  E-Series Computer 7906B 20 MB Disc Drive
2111F  F-Series Computer 7906D 20 MB Disc Drive
2112M  M-Series Computer 7906H 20 MB Disc Drive
2113B/E  E-Series Computer 7906M 20 MB Disc Drive
2117B/F  F-Series Computer 7906S 20 MB Disc Drive
12979B/C  I/O Extender 7907A 40 MB Disc Drive
12944A/B  Power Fail System 7908P/R  16 MB Disc Drive
12991B  Power Fail System 7912P/R  65 MB Disc Drive
  7914P/R  132 MB Disc Drive
7920A-S  50 MB Disc Drive
12666H  1 MB Fault Control 7925A-S  12O MB Disc Drive
12699H  256 KB Memory Array 9895A  2 MB Dual Flexible
12747A/H  128 KB Memory Array 13037A-D  MAC Disc Controller
12749A/H  512 KB Memory Array    
12779A/H  128 KB Fault Control
12780A/H  512 KB Fault Control 7970B  800 BPI Tape Drive
12731A  Memory Expansion 7970E  1600 BPI Tape Drive
12892B  Memory Protect Module    
2102A-H  Memory Controller
    2623A  Graphics Terminal
2624A/B  Display Station
12539C  Time Base Generator 2627A  Color Graphics CRT
12566B/C  Microcircuit I/F 2635B  Printing Terminal
12597A  8-Bit Duplex Register 2640B  Display Station
12791A  Firmware Expansion 2645A  Display Station
12792B  8-Channel MUX 2647A/F  Intelligent Graphics
12794B  HDLC Modem I/F 2648A  Graphics
12821A  HP-IB Interface 2649A-G  OEM Terminal
12825A  HDLC Direct Connect 3075-8  Data Capture Terminal
12826B  Programmable Serial I/F    
12834A  Bisynchronous Direct Connect
12897B  Dual Channel.Port Controller 2601A  Daisywheel Printer
12930A  Universal I/F 2608A/S  Line Printer
12966A  BACI Board 2631B/G  Dot Matrix Printer
13175A Disc Interface 2671A-G  Graphics Printer
13197A  1 KB Writable Control 9876A  Thermal Printer
13304A  Firmware Accessory 82905B  Impact Printer
59310B  BUS I/O Interface 82906A  Dot Matrix Printer
91000A  Plug-In A-TO-D    
91200B  Video Display I/F
    1351S  Graphics Display
    2240A  Measure/Control Unit
    6940A  Multiprogrammer
    6941A  Multi Extender
    37203A  HP-IB Extender


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