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   Are Your Systems Y2K Compliant?

In recent months every company has felt the shock waves being generated throughout the IT industry by the year 
2000 'bug'. Fortunately for HP users, Hewlett Packard has been aware of, and actively working to minimize the magnitude of the problems facing system administrators worldwide as the new millenium approaches. 

Monterey Bay Communications is here to help you to stay one step ahead of the approaching deadline by 
upgrading your existing hardware, helping you locate the needed software patches, or completely upgrading to 
new compliant systems. If you have questions regarding Y2K issues, or need HP hardware to conduct testing, 
call us...we are committed to helping our customers resolve their year 2000 concerns. 

Below you will find links to the solutions and certifications that HP is providing to their customers. It is time 
to make certain that the computer disasters which have been predicted for the end of 1999 will not have any ill 
effects on your HP systems. Follow the links below to the HP Y2K website, everything you need for another 
8001 years of smooth operation is available now.

The links below will take you directly to the Hewlett Packard Y2K web site. You can use your back 
button, or use the Go command from the tool bar menu to return to MBC. 

HP's competencies in Measurement, Computing and Communications uniquely position HP to understand 
the breadth, importance, and complexity of comprehensibly delivering hardware and software products that 
are Year 2000 compliant.

HP, along with HP partners, offers tools and services to assist in all stages of the transition to a Year 2000 
ready computing environment. HP has identified additional value-added resources to enable our customers 
to prepare for the transition.

This Year 2000 site is designed to provide you with product, tools and supplier information to assist in your 
own Y2K transition planning. This site is updated regularly with the latest information available.

  • Year 2000 Overview

  • A look at the Year 2000 problem, its causes, and the steps you can take to solve this issue. 
  • HP Product Readiness Status

  • A complete rundown on the Y2K status of HP's computer products: hardware, operating systems, 
    and applications software -- as well as tips for planning to make your system Y2K-compliant.
  • HP's Cure2000 Solution

  • A resource guide describing HP's methodology for meeting the Y2K challenge. Includes helpful links
    to HP's Cure2000 partners to help you address your Y2K issues.
  • HP Year 2000 Information Resources and Year 2000 White Paper

  • A collection of articles and resources on the Y2K issue. Includes the complete text of HP's Y2K 
    White Paper, plus much more.

    HP Year 2000 Compliance Definitions  With an increasing number of companies providing 
    services to help you transition into the next century, it is important to know what it means to be 
    Year 2000 Compliant.

  • What's New  As more information becomes available, and new patches are posted, HP Users 

  • are encouraged to keep checking this page for the latest updates and information.