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MBC: Obsolete Military HP - HP 1000 Beacon Newsletter

A Resource for Real Time Users                                                                  Volume 6

If It Isn't Broken...The millennium has passed, the world is still turning and itís pretty much business as usual. Thousands of HP Series computers, used in diverse applications all over the world, continue to operate as efficiently and reliably as ever.

     Many HP 1000 Series Users are probably not aware of how large an installed base continues to utilize this legendary product. U.S. Military and defense contractors, commercial airlines, public utilities, pharmaceutical and manufacturing firms are just a few of the industries which continue to take advantage of the economies of the platform.     

     Low operating cost, staff familiarity with existing software and hardware, and unparalleled reliability are potent reasons that resound with MIS managers and budget directors when the issue of stay-with-the-platform versus migration is being debated.

    Many Users who have sampled more contemporary platforms have learned the hard way that newer technology has not always delivered on promised improvements in equipment reliability, performance, support, or availability of parts.

     The difficulties associated with migration are not fully apparent until deep into the process, at which time the User is irrevocably committed to the new platform. Lengthy development (rule of thumb: triple what you were quoted). Major money (same rule of thumb). Serious debugging. Extensive staff re-training.


Oftentimes the decision to migrate off  the HP Series platform is made by someone other than a MIS Manager/ System Operator. A flashy marketing presentation is more likely to be persuasive to someone unfamiliar with the equipment or application than an engineer with hands-on experience.

    An ill-advised migration move impacts everyone associated with a company. We hear from disgruntled MIS managers on a regular basis, decrying the ongoing problems with new systems, system performance degradation and loss of productivity theyíve experienced since migrating to PC-based systems.

     In most situations decision-makers recognize the critical importance of incorporating technical staff/MIS managers into any migration-related discussion. But where this is not the case, MIS managers need to take the initiative and make certain their perspective is considered.

It is only natural many Users feel some disappointment and concern that HP is phasing out support for the platform, but is that compelling enough reason to pursue a migration strategy now?

    MBC maintains an extensive inventory of every conceivable A and M/E/F Series component to support Users. Availability of parts to support future requirements is assured through MBCís ongoing purchase of excess equipment from migrating Users. Combine this with the incredible durability of the hardware, and youíve got a winning combination for years to come!

Donít Scrap it,

In case you might not already know, MBC also is in the business of purchasing surplus HP 1000 Series equipment. When the time comes to upgrade to a newer HP 1000 Series computer, or to migrate off the platform, MBC is the place to call to dispose of excess equipment.

     The value of equipment is determined by its condition, and the level of demand for it in the marketplace. Obviously, equipment that is no longer operational or that has severely worn components will likely have less trade-in/resale value.

     It is important for Users who are interested in surplusing equipment to contact MBC before, or as soon as possible after it has been taken off line. Many items, particularly older peripheral products, deteriorate if left idle/in storage for an extended period of time.

     Users may be pleasantly surprised to learn there still is value even in older M/E/F Series components, including products such as MAC-interfaced disc drives, HP 264X and 262X Series terminals, and 21MX Model processors. As noted previously, condition is important, but even non-working items may have value as parts units.

     MBC arranges transportation and pays for shipping the equipment from your facility. Seller is responsible for consolidating equipment prior to shipment. The method of transportation selected depends on the size and quantity of products to be shipped. Call today for a quote!


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