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Monterey Bay Communications: HP 1000 Beacon Newsletter

RTE Systems, HP 1000 Beacon Newsletter 

Volume 2, Issue 2 

Stay with RTE --- Or Migrate?


To RTE... or, not? Stay the course with HP RTE Systems or migrate to another platform? The long term viability of the HP 1000 platform is an important issue for many Users as the platform matures, and manufacturer support declines. There are several things worth considering on the topic... 
In spite of what Users may have heard, Hewlett Packard has made a formal commitment to manufacture HP 1000 Series hardware through the turn of the century, and support the platform with parts and service until the year 2010. 
This commitment is not merely a gesture of generosity. HP is contractually obligated to numerous large 1000 Series Users, the government and military in particular, to supply equipment and support the platform for the foreseeable future. Thousands of HP 1000 computers are still in use. As a consequence, smaller HP 1000 Users also are the beneficiary of this arrangement. Some Users may say skeptically, "yes, but support at what level?"
It cannot be denied that lead times on new or replacement HP 1000 hardware could be improved upon, or that software support is on the wane. However, anyone utilizing other platforms, whether HP, IBM, DEC, or PC, knows that this is an industry-wide phenomenon. 
While HP 1000 Users may be tempted to convert to other, "newer" platforms the question remains: what platform is really better for the application? Is there an alternative Real-Time (or other-wise!) computer and multi-user operating system which is certain to be available from any manufacturer five or ten years from now? 
The answer is most likely there is not, and the costs associated with migration, including the purchase of new equipment, retraining of personnel, and down-time while the conversion occurs, can be staggering. In terms of performance, the unique features of the HP RTE operating system and system architecture match up very well with any of the alternative Real-Time platforms on the market today. 
The HP A990, for instance, performing a variety of I/O, networking, and interrupt-driven tasks is comparable to that of a much more powerful CPU running UNIX or NT. 
HP RTE Users also may be concerned about costs for purchasing additional equipment and ongoing maintenance and service. Hewlett-Packard has stated that it has no plans for price increases in 1996, a policy carried over from the previous year. Regarding maintenance/service, Users desiring to reduce these costs have many options available, including: reduced level of HP support, third-party service providers, an on-site (or hotsite) "spare" system. 
In conclusion, there are many advantages to staying with the HP 1000 platform as opposed to migrating to another. And, in addition to all the reasons noted above you can be assured Monterey Bay Communications will continue to support all your RTE needs well into the next century. 

HP 1000... and MUCH more!

When it comes to Hewlett Packard equipment, some Users might think of Monterey Bay Communications solely as a supplier of 1000 Series equipment--not so! We also inventory a full line of new and remarketed HP 9000 Series equipment, including 200/300/400/700 Series Workstations, 800 Series Servers and peripherals. In addition to savings of 20% to 50% off HP List on the purchase of quality HP 9000 Series equipment, we also offer: 
  • Upgrading and Refurbishing 
  • Depot Repair 
  • Systems Design Counseling 
  • Rentals and Leasing 
  • Disaster Recovery 
  • HP 1000 > 9000 Migration 
  • Our fully trained staff can assist you on the proper selection and combinations of equipment, or design an entire system for you. In many cases, appropriate HP software can be delivered as part of the package. And everything is guaranteed eligible for manufacturer maintenance. 
    As your company grows and your needs increase, or as improved technology becomes available, Monterey Bay Communications can modify your system for greater efficiency and higher capacity. Thanks to a sourcing network of distributors and secondary sources that is 20 years in the making, we are able to offer the most complete selection of the latest products Hewlett Packard has to offer. 
    So, next time you think HP 9000 Series, consider Monterey Bay Communications as the source. The same quality products and service for HP 1000 Series equipment you've come to know from us is available for HP Workstations and Servers as well! 



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