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For all HP A-Series Computers, Micros, and Models!  
  • Rugged Hewlett Packard mechanism 
  • Fits all ‘A’ series, including 20 slot chassis 
  • Removable for security and system to system portability 
  • 100% compatible

Monterey Bay Communications is pleased to announce an exciting new mass storage device for the HP 1000 - the MBC SCSI Disc Card. This product reflects our commitment to supporting the HP 1000 product line into the next century.   
The MBC SCSI Disc Card is a removable, high performance SCSI disc subsystem that plugs   directly into the backplane of the A-Series Computer. Equipped with a Hewlett-Packard 1GB SCSI disc drive, it offers high capacity storage while providing the ultimate in data security - it  can be easily removed and locked away. It is compatible with any A-Series CPU, A400 through   A990.   
In contrast to the HP 12123A disc subsystem, the MBC SCSI Disc Card is not limited to the micro-chassis only - it will fit in any A-Series chassis that has 3 open slots available.   
Another unique feature of the MBC Disc Card is that it “echoes” the 12016A card and can be daisy-chained to external SCSI devices such as DAT drives. For users who have an A900 chassis  that has been upgraded to an A990, a version is available that slides into the three open slots. 

Formatted Capacity: 1005 Megabyte
Interface: SCSI-2 (compatible with HP12016A)
MTBF: 300,000 hours
Channel Transfer Rate: 2.5 Megabytes/sec (limited by12016A)
Average Latency: 5.56 milliseconds
Average Seek: 10.5 milliseconds
Power Dissipation: 14.4-15.6 Watts (seeking)
System Requirements: 1 HP 12016A per system

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