MBC: Used HP Workstations - HP 9000/700 Series Products
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Used HP Workstations - 9000 and 700 Series Product List.
We also have an extensive inventory of hard to find parts, boards, and cables. If you do not see what you are looking for please call 831-429-6144 or e-mail sales@montbay.com, chances are good that we have it. Also, please note that all equipment carries a warranty and if eligible, is guaranteed to qualify for Hewlett-Packard maintenance.

J 200/210 Computer A4356A 4GB F/W SCSI Disc Drive
B132L/160L Computer A4461A 4GB F/W SCSI-2 Disc Drive
C160/180  Computer C2967A 4GB SE SCSI-2 External
C100/110 Computer A4460A 2GB F/W SCSI-2 Disc Drive
750/755  Computer A4119A  2GB F/W SCSI Disc Drive
745/747 Computer A2564A 2GB F/W Disc Drive
743/748 Computer A4118A 2GB SE SCSI Disc Drive
735 (99/125) Computer A2964A 2GB SE SCSI-2 W/HDTS 50
720/730 Computer A2801A 1GB SE Disc Drive
712/715 Computer A2563A 1GB SE Disc Drive
705/710  Computer A3312A Enclosure (Rack)
A3311A Enclosure (Tower)
A4331A 20" Color (Multi-sync) C525 R/T Rack/Tower Drive
A4330A 17" Color (Multi-sync) C526_R/T Rack/Tower Drive
A4033A  20" Color (Multi-sync) C303_T Fast/Wide Tower Drive
A4032A 17" Color (Multi-sync) C2217T 1.3 GB Tower Drive
98774A 19" Monochrome A4463A 4X SCSI-2 CD ROM Drive
A2094A 20" Color A2655A CD Rom Drive
A1097A/C 19" Color A1999A CD Rom Drive
    C2954A 2-8GB DAT Drive
C1521B 2-8GB DAT Drive
A4208A 128 MB RAM A3183A 2-4GB DDS-2 DAT Drive
A2875A 128 MB RAM A2274A 2GB Internal DAT Drive
A2518A 128 MB RAM C302_T S-E Disc/DAT Tower Drive
A2646A 64 MB RAM C2983A/D DDS-2 DAT Drive (HH)
A2827A 64 MB RAM HP Hot Swap Drives/ Raid Arrays
A4207A 32 MB RAM    
A2829A 32 MB RAM
A2512A 32 MB RAM A4107A Fast/Wide Interface
J Class CPU Upgrades A2679A Single Ended Interface
C Class CPU Upgrades 25525B Fast Differential Interface
B Class CPU Upgrades 25560A HP-IB Interface
HP 700 CPU Upgrades 25567A/B LAN/9000
A4077A Second Color Graphics Card C3253A Envizex P Series X-Station
A4078A Dual Color Graphics Card C2731A Envizex A Series X-Station
A2269A Dual CRX Graphics Card C2730A Envizex I Series X-Station
Visualize 24/48 Graphics Upgrades C3264A Entria X-Terminal
HCRX/CRX-48Z Graphics Upgrades C2707A/B 700/RX Ca Terminal
HCRX/CRX-24Z Graphics Upgrades C2708A/B 700/RX Ca Terminal

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